About ECE

Electronics & Communication Engineering can be treated as universal branch among all circuit branches. ECE branch is the most sophisticated, ever demanding and fast growing branch in the engineering curriculum. It covers a wide range of applications which makes our life easier, secure and enjoyable such as Mobile, Television, Radio, Computer, Radar, Satellite etc. The course is useful to design and manufacturing of electronic systems and appliances. Electronic engineers are eligible for opportunities in Hardware, Software and Public Sector Units. The engineers are also employable in IC fabrication and Embedded system development industries.


Electronics and communication engineer has plenty of opportunities in wide variety of domains. Few of them are Embedded system, VLSI, Communication (Telecom), Networking( Hardware and software ), PSUs like DRDO, BSNLIndian railways, ISRO, BEL, HAL, AAI, ONGC, SAIL, etc., Mechatronics, Aviation, Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical instrumentation ,and healthcare etc., Robotics, Nanotechnology, Computer Science. Good opportunities for startups and to become an entrepreneur. Also ECE graduates have good higher education and research prospects.

Department Profile

The department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was started in the year 2008 with an intake of 60 students. The intake was increased to 90 in 2009 and 120 in 2010. A Separate block is provided to develop the department as a center of excellence. Post Graduate course in VLSI Design was sanctioned during the academic year 2012-13 with an intake of 18 seats. Diploma course was sanctioned in the academic year 2013-14 with an intake of 60 seats.

The main asset of the department has dedicated and experienced faculty (18 teaching staff and 4 non-teaching staff). The average experience of our department faculty is above 6 years.The faculty members are encouraging the student’s in research work most of the faculty members their habit is attending FDPs and Workshops across the country. The success story behind in our department is smart work and hard work faculty.

The main heart of the department has established state of the art laboratories namely circuits laboratory, Communications laboratory, IC applications laboratory, Microwave Engineering laboratory, Processors laboratory, Simulations laboratory. Which are fully equipped with test and measuring equipment and trainer kits specially designed for industrial needs. The department has spent a substantial amount on procuring useful software packages such as XILINX-tool for Verilog and VHDL programming with CPLD and FPGA evaluation hardware, MATLAB, DSK kits, P-SPICE and KIEL software etc. Microwave laboratory is well-equipped with six microwave benches, optical communication trainer kits, Digital & Analog communication trainer kits, Digital storage oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer (1GHz) etc.

Courses Offered

1 Diploma 3 years Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering
2 B.Tech 4 years Electronics and Communication Engineering
3 M.Tech 2 years VLSI Design

Head of the Department


Mr V.Ramesh Babu M.Tech,(Ph.D)
Head of the Department
E-mail: vkrecehod@gmail.com
contact: 9573543111.

The department is headed by Mr. Vallabhaneni.Ramesh Babu M.Tech, (Ph.D), he has 10 years in teaching experience and 1-year industrial experience. He has submitted his Ph.D. thesis in the title of “On Processing of Brain Tumor Images for Detection, Segmentation, and Compression.” On June, 2018 at KLUniversity, Vijayawada awaiting for Award.He has published nearly 15 papers in which 6 papers are SCOPUS indexed journals and one is SCI journal. He has attended 3 IEEE conferences across the country. He was attended 10 workshops across the India and 4 FDPs. He completed his M.Tech in VLSI systems Design and his research areas are biomedical image processing and VLSI.He has organized 4 workshops and guest lecturers and one seminar in our college.He Received JAI VUPADYYAYA PURASKAR from Ln CHIGURUPATI VARA PRASAD garu in the year of 2017.He has worked as AsstProfessor in the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in Swarnandhra College Of Engineering & Technology, Narspaur, Andhra Pradesh, India.


List of Teaching Staff
S.No Name of the Faculty DesignationQualification Profile
1 Dr. V Gajendra Kumar ProfessorPh.D
2 Dr. R Siva Kumar ProfessorPh.D
3 Dr. P Maniganda ProfessorPh.D
4 Dr. N Veda Kumar ProfessorPh.D
5 Dr. P Sunil Kumar ProfessorPh.D
6 V Ramesh Babu HOD & Associate ProfessorM.TechView Profile
7 G Rajendra Associate ProfessorM.TechView Profile
8 Ch Sree Lakshmi Assistant ProfessorM.TechView Profile
9 K Devaki Devi Associate ProfessorM.TechView Profile
10 N Siva Nagaraju Associate Professor M.TechView Profile
11 B N Nancharamma Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
12 K Rajesh Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
13 V Raja Ramesh Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
14 SK Naintara Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
15 Abdul Azeez Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
16 M Amilesh Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
17 K Prabhu Prasanna Kumar Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
18 D Dileep Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
19 M Nagu Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
20 G Sanath Kumar Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
21 N Chandra Sekhar Rao Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
22 K Suresh Babu Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
23 S Veerendra Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
24 K N V S K Chowdary Associate ProfessorM.TechView Profile
25 V U Sravanthi Associate Professor M.TechView Profile
26 N Manoj Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
27 M Sumalatha Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
28 M V Suresh Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
29 K Kishore Babu Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
30 P Naveen Trinadh Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
31 K Anusha Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
32 N Gowthami Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
33 J Narasimha Nayak Adothu Assistant Professor M.TechView Profile
List of Technical Staff
S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification
1 T Himabindu Teaching Assistant B.Tech
2 K Nandini Teaching Assistant B.Tech
3 T Alekya Teaching Assistant B.Tech
4 V Lakshmi Narayana Technician ITI


circuits laboratory
Communications laboratory
IC applications laboratory
Microwave Engineering laboratory
Processors laboratory
Simulations laboratory

Department Gallery