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The purpose of the Training and Placement is to give the students right knowledge, skill and aptitude and meet the manpower requirements of the Industry.The Training and Placement Function at V.K.R,V.N.B & A.G.K COLLEGE OF ENIGINERING is facilitated by Central Training and Placement Officer as head and the Departmental Training and Placement Officers as coordinators.

Keeping in view the current trends and technologies being used by the industries, the training curriculum is designed for preparing the students as entry level Graduate Engineer Trainees.

Appropriate skills for the job profile are acquired by the students during the classroom sessions on Aptitude and Conceptual training.

This activity focuses upon the personality development to make the students reliable, with positive attitude and right decision making.

The industry is always on the lookout for students who are vibrant, energetic individuals and ready to accept challenges, attentive, a good academic background, fast learners, open to learning even at work and more importantly, good communication skills.Thus institution provides training program to students to improve their knowledge of Quantitative, Verbal and Analytical Ability, Communication Skills, etc.

Soft skill Training program
The Training Programme which is being offered at the institutional level and being facilitated by the Department of Training & Placement is aimed at orienting the students with life skills. Career orientation is achieved by training the students on the skills needed for a career in the corporate througha Training on the different dimensions of development of individuals. The programme is spread over the 3rd year and Final year of the Bachelors Degree programme and involves 30 hours of Training by vendors, of Training by vendors rich in experience & sound on the knowledge & skills of the pedagogical aspects of personality orientation & development.

About Placement Director

Director - Training & Placements,Acadamics,Admissions
E-mail: placementsvkrvnb@gmail.com
contact: 9502395645, 9704166015

Mr. CHVS RAMA KISHORE NAYAR is head of the department of Training and Placements. He has Completed MBA from KITS Warangal and MBA (HR and Systems) from Andhra University. He has teaching experience of 10 years. He started his career in CR Reddy Engineering College, Eluru as a Soft skills Trainer and Training and Placement Officer. Presently he is working as Director, Training and placements, Admissions and Academics at VKR VNB & AGK College of Engineering, Gudivada. He has published several national and international journals and attended to various conferences, he is specialized in HR (Human Resource and Systems). He submitted his Ph.D thesis in (MBA-HR),Nagarjuna University Guntur.

Branch-wise Incharges:

Asst.Professor, Dept of Civil
Assoc.Professor, Dept of CSE
Asst.Professor, Dept of EEE
P.Naveen Trinadh
Asst.Professor, Dept of ECE
Asst.Professor, Dept of Mechanical
Assoc.Professor, Dept of BS&H
Asst.Professor, Dept of MBA

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Companies visited Academic year 2018-19

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"Appasamy Associates" Company is conducting ON-campus placement drive on 20-09-2018

Google SOS company conducted placement drive at our college

Zenus Group company conducted placement drive at our college

Alpha Associates company conducted placement drive at our college.

Go Speedy Go company conducted placement drive at our college

Oruganti Consultants conducted placement drive at our college

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