Governing Body
SNOFaculty NameDesignation
1Sri P.DiwakarChairman
2Sri V. Venkateswara RaoSecretary
3Sri V.V.Kodanda ramaiahCorrespondent
4Sri M.Kasi Venkateswara RaoPresident-GATES
5Dr. S.Bala RamakrishnaMember
6Sri G.Aravind GoshMember
7Sri P Veeraiah ChowdaryMember
8Dr. K.Mohana raoMember
9Dr. G.Nageswara RaoMember
10Sri J.Subrahmanyeswara RaoMember
11Sri A. Ramakrishna PrasadMember
12Sri Ch. Adi narayana chowdaryMember
13Prof. J.V.R.Murthy
14Dr.G.Vijay KumarPrincipal

Functions of Governing Body:

  •     Important academic and other events of the College
  •     Communications from AICTE and State Govt.
  •     Approval of additional courses. Additional intake.
  •     Staff position, recruitment
  •     Budget approvals
  •     Consultancy and R&D projects and funding received
  •     Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, etc.
  •     Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in and outside the College
  •     Advise students of the College to respect the right and dignity of one another
Grievance Redressal Committee
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Dr G Vijay KumarPrincipalChairman
2Dr G.Sambasiva RaoHOD-CSEConvener
3Dr R.Bala MuruganHOD-CEMember
4Dr Y.PrakashHOD-EEEMember
5Dr VJ Deva RaajHOD-H&BSMember
6Dr V.VenkateswarluHOD-MEMember
7Mr K.Ramasesha RaoI/c Exams CellMember
8Mr V.Ramesh BabuECEMember
9Mrs Y.AnjaniCSEMember
10Mr G.Murali KrishnaEEEMember
11Ms M.TejaswiCEMember
12Mr K.Durga PrasadMEMember
13Mr G.Venkata RatnamCSEMember
14Mrs J.Divya KranthiCEMember

Functions of Grievance Redressal Committee:

  •     Fairness and impartiality
  •     The handling of grievances informally wherever possible
  •     Ensure the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness
  •     Effective, reciprocal communication and feedback.
  •     Upholding the dignity of the College by ensuring strife free atmosphere in the College through promoting cordial student- student relationship and student – Teacher relationship
  •     Encourage the students to express their grievances / problems freely and frankly without any fear of being victimized
  •     Suggestion/ Complaint box is installed in front of the admin block
  •     Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in and outside the College
  •     Advise students of the College to respect the right and dignity of one another
College Academic Committee
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Dr G Vijay KumarPrincipalChairman
2Dr R.Siva KumarHOD-ECEConvener
3Dr G.Sambasiva RaoHOD-CSEMember
4Dr R.BalamuruganHOD-CEMember
5Dr Y.PrakashHOD-EEEMember
6Dr V.VenkateswarluHOD-MEMember
7Dr VJ Deva RaajHOD- H&BSMember
8Mr G.Venkata RatnamCSEMember
9Mr V.Ramesh BabuECEMember
10Mr K.Ramasesha RaoI/c Exams CellMember
11Mrs Ch.SrilakshmiECEMember
12Mr M.V. SureshECEMember
13Mr G.RajendraECEMember
14Mrs Y.AnjaniCSEMember

Functions of College Academic Committee:

  •     Fixing quality parameters for various academic and administrative activities
  •     Monitoring the organization of class work and related academic activities.
  •     Documenting various programs / academic activities leading to quality improvement and reviewing their effectiveness in quality improvement/ sustenance
  •     Improve teaching and learning with state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  •     Enhancing teaching-learning process.
  •     Recommends organize/attend FDP, seminars, workshops, etc.
  •     Course materials must be prepared with visual aids.
Entrepreneurship Development Committee (EDC)
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Sri B Kalyan KumarAcademics (I/C)Chairman
2Mr V.Ramesh BabuECEConvenor
3Mr K.Ramasesha RaoI/c ExamsMember
4Mr K.Durga PrasadMECHMember
5Mr G.B.Rajendra PrasadEEEMember
6Mr M.VenkateshCEMember
7Mr KDVL SyamsundarH&SMember
8Mr K.JairamCSEMember
9Mr L.N.V.RaoCSEMember

Functions of Entrepreneurship Development Committee:

  •     To promote knowledge, creativity and innovation in the students by creating students entrepreneurs
  •     To facilitate generation of entrepreneurship and self employment opportunities for students
  •     To facilitate the information dissemination by conducting workshops and seminars, arranging quest lectures on various issues of entrepreneurial development.
  •     Posters creativity and offers support in translating ideas to businesses.
  •     Organizing entrepreneurship awareness and development programmes
  •     Initiating innovative student projects
  •     Guiding and assisting prospective entrepreneurs through incubation cell
  •     Organizes various awareness and development programmes for students Identifies areas where there is a scope for innovation
  •     Guides and assists prospective entrepreneurs
Research & Development Committee (R&D)
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Sri B Kalyan Kumar Academics in-ChargeChairman
2Dr G.Sambasiva Rao CSEConvenor
3Dr K.Venkata Ramana CSEMember
4Dr R.Siva KumarECEMember
5Dr P.ManigandhaECEMember
6Dr V.Gajendra KumarECEMember
7Mr V.Ramesh BabuECEMember
8 Dr P. Adaikkala kumarCEMember
9Dr C. Raja selvanEEEMember
10Dr V.VenkateswarluMECHMember
11Dr VJ DevarajH&SMember
12Mr K Rama sesharaoI/C ExamsMember

Functions of Research & Development Committee (R&D):

  •     Motivate all faculty members to register for Ph.D and carry on active research work.
  •     Recommend the institution to provide seed money for faculty to do active research.
  •     Encourage all the faculty and students to attend more number of Technical Symposia/Seminars/Conferences/Workshops/FDP.
  •     Improve the number of research publications.
  •     Submit sponsored research proposals.
  •     Recommend the institution to allot fund for student research.
  •     Recommend the institution to publish its own research journal.
  •     To inculcate the concept of research among students by arranging paper presentation competitions.
  •     To encourage publication of research articles by sending deserving entities to journals.
  •     To identify members of the faculty who are research oriented.
  •     To submit project reports to AICTE/UGC/TEQIP to facilitate funding, grants etc.
  •     To establish linkages with other institutes/ Labs/ Organizations for projects.
  •     To organize short term Training Programs and workshops.
  •     Encourage research activities at the College level in the feasible areas
  •     Promote consultancy services to outside organizations
  •     Identify relevant social problems in which the faculty and students can involve and recommend solutions.
  •     Encourage faculty and students to solve society problems by way of research.
  •     Give wide publicity about the research capabilities and facilities available within the institute to the outside world and get consultancy projects.
Anti Ragging Committee
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Dr G Vijay KumarPrincipalChairman
2Sri B Kalyan KumarAcademics (I/C)Convener
3Dr G.Sambasiva RaoHOD-CSEMember
4Dr R.Siva KumarHOD- ECEMember
4Dr R.BalamuruganHOD-CEMember
6Dr Y.PrakashHOD-EEEMember
7Dr VJ Deva RaajHOD-H&BSMember
8Dr V.VenkateswarluHOD-MEMember
9Mr G Venkataratnam CSEMember
10Mr K Jai ramCSEMember
11Mr KDVL Syam sundarAOMember
12Mr K ChintaiahPhysical DirectorMember
13Mr B BapaiahEEEMember
14Mr N.Venkata Krishna RaoCivilianMember
15Mr T Venkateswara raoSI, Two-town, GudivadaMember
16Mr K.DasaradhiMediaMember
17Mr V.V.Siva PrasadParentMember
18Mr D.VaasuParentMember
19Mr V.N.V.R.Sai KumarStudentMember
20Mr D.Vamsi KrishnaStudentMember

Functions of Anti Ragging Committee:

  •     To display banners abhorring ragging, educating senior students on the consequences of indulging in ragging
  •     Provide help-line numbers to enable the victims to contact the College authorities and committee members quickly.
  •     Constitute Vigilance Squads with faculty members and assign inspections to vulnerable areas in a scheduled manner.
  •     Arrange separate buses to first year students exclusively to travel to the College.
  •     Staggered timings for first year students and senior students for a specific period of time to pre-empt any attempts of ragging both in the campus and transport buses.
Disciplinary Committee
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Dr G Vijay KumarPrincipalChairman
2Mr K.Rama sesha raoI/c Exams CellConvener
3Mr G. RajendraECEMember
4Mr K Jaya prakashMEMember
5Mr D Sudheer kumarCEMember
6Mr M.Srujan KumarMEMember
7Mr B Chandra krishnaEEEMember
8Mr G.Venkata RatnamCSEMember
9Mr K.Jeevan KumarCSEMember
10Mr V.Mallikarjuna RaoH&BSMember

Functions of Disciplinary Committee:

  •     Continuous Monitoring of possibility of occurrence of events of Indiscipline by students
  •     Continuously monitor the College campus for any possibility of occurrence of indiscipline events from students
  •     The committee takes necessary steps to strengthen the environment, if needed
  •     DC chairman reviews the situation with all committee members periodically
  •     DC Chairman forms monitoring teams and allots the areas to be monitored by each team
  •     Seeking information through both covert and overt operations to identify the possible situation of acts of indiscipline and initiate steps to prevent the situations of indiscipline.
  •     Work in close coordination with the proctors and mentors to inculcate a sense of responsibility and belongingness in the students
Transportation Committee
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Sri KDVL Syam SundarAOChairman
2Dr V.VenkateswarluI/c, Transport Convenor
3Mr M Sai Santosh Transport CoordinatorMember
4Mr D.Bhuma PrasadOffice AssistantMember
5Mr B.Srinivasa RaoSenior DriverMember
6Mr U.SridharSenior DriverMember
7V Mery rani EEEMember

Functions of Transportation Committee:

  •     Lay down the policies regarding the fitness, renewal of insurance, pollution checkup of the various transport vehicles used by the College.
  •     Payment of vehicle tax as prescribed by the RTA. Ensure medical fitness of all drivers as per the norms applicable to the rivers.
  •     Recommend leave policy of the drivers, their uniforms, ESI, PF, salaries and advances, increments etc.
Women Empowerment Cell
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Mrs Ch. Sri LakshmiECEChairman
2Mrs. Y.AnjaniCSEConvenor
3Mrs S. KalyaniH&SMember
4Mrs K.RamaniH&SMember
5Ms S.DeepthiEEEMember
6Mrs L.VijanaH&SMember
7Mrs T.AnushaCSEMember
8Mrs J.Divya KranthiCEMember
9Mrs Sk.AseenaMECHMember
10Mrs Nalini AdminMember
11Ms DhanalakshmiAdminMember

Functions of Women Empowerment Cell:

  •     To provide a safe environment for girl students and women employees.
  •     To educate the establishment towards gender sensitization.
  •     To organize various programs to educate teaching and non-teaching staff as well as students on gender sensitization.
  •     To provide helpdesks and round the clock helpline.
  •     Make use of the CCTV setup to initiate necessary preventive and corrective steps against harassment of women.
  •     Organize awareness programs to avoid involuntary sexual acts such as inappropriate touching, groping, or torture in a sexual manner.
  •     Counseling services.
  •     To strengthen the physical and psychological attitude of women to handle critical circumstances.
  •     Making all aware of the women’s act and legal consultative for safety and security of women.
  •     To motivate and inspire girl students in their pursuit for excellence
  •     To promote awareness among girl students on occupational, legal and constitutional rights.
  •     To educate girl students on women specific health issues and measures to be taken.
  •     To sensitize girl students on gender equality and to further encourage them to advocate gender equality with in the community.
  •     To make girl students realize their strengths and be empowered.
College Canteen Committee
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Mr K.Ramasesha RaoI/c ExamsChairman
2Mr K.NagabushanamCSEConvenor
4Mr Sk Yekusha ValiEEEMember
5Mr PES BhaskarH&SMember
6Mr K.RajeshECEMember
7Mr M.MallikarjunCEMember

Functions of College Canteen Committee:

  •     Ensure food quality and maintenance on day to day basis.
  •     Neatness of the premises.
  •     Quality of oils and other items
  •     Neat and hygiene conditions inside the kitchen
  •     Cleanliness of the utensils, plates etc.
Sports and Games Committee
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Sri B Kalyan Kumar Academics In-ChargeChairman
2Mr K.ChintaiahPDConvenor
3Mr PES BhaskarH&SMember
4Mr K P P KumarECEMember
5Mr K.RajeshECEMember
6Mr M.VenkateshCEMember
7Mr M.Sai SantoshMECHMember
8Mr A.Dileep KumarEEEMember
9Mr L.N.V.RaoCSEMember
10Mr V.KishoreAdminMember
11Mr T.SubrahmanyamAdminMember

Functions of College Canteen Committee:

  •     To finalize the budget maintenance of courts, procuring sports material
  •     Finalize teams, intra mutual, extra mutual tournaments and participation for tournaments, sports day and stock verification etc.
  •     Keeping stock of previous and current year sports goods.
  •     Ordering Sports and games goods
  •     Arranging the venues for sport and games events
  •     Obtaining permission to hold sport and games in the College campus
  •     To recommend students for permission to participate in the intra or inter College events
  •     To recommend sanction for registration fee to participate in various events
  •     Sort out any issues taking place during matches
  •     Maintaining discipline in all events happening in or outside the College
  •     Maintain records of sport and games events attended by students
  •     The schedule of events for the whole academic year
  •     Holding sport events for staff members
  •     To recommend attendance to students who have taken part in sport and games events
Training & Placement Committee
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Dr G Vijay KumarPrincipalChairman
2Mr Ch.Rama Kishore NairT & PConvenor
3Mr P.Naveen TrinadhECEMember
4Mr K.JairamCSEMember
5Mr B.Chandra KrishnaEEEMember
6Mr M.MallikarjunCEMember
7Mr K.J.P.NarayanaMECHMember

Functions of Training & Placement Committee:

  •     Main activities are Career guidance, Job Search, CV Preparation, Interview Techniques, Placement Opportunities, Motivating to become leader & team player.
  •     Soft Skills, JAM Sessions, Communication skills, Mock GD, Interpersonal Skills
  •     Life skills like Self confidence, Positive Attitude, Change Adoption, Career Talks, and Healthy Living
  •     Training programmes like Logical Reasoning, Analytical Aptitude
  •     Professional skills like Facing Interview, Resume Building, and Job Search.
  •     Arranging Campus recruitment drives, Industrial visits.
  •     Organizing summer internships (In-plant training).
  •     Facilitate Industry Institute Interaction Improves the skill levels of the students in their chosen field Exchange information with Career Guidance Committee.
Library Advisory Committee
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Dr G Vijay KumarPrincipalChairman
2KV Rama KrishnaLibrarianConvener
3Mrs B.N.NacharammaECEMember
4Mr M.Lakshmi NarayanaEEEMember
5Mr N.Siva Naga Raju ECEMember
6Mr N.SrikanthCSEMember
7Ms P.Roja RaniCEMember
8Ms N.KiranmaiMEMember
9Ms K.SravanthiH&BSMember

Functions of Library Advisory Committee:

  •     Identify recent developments and requirements of the students and the faculty during the past semester.
  •     Up gradation of library through new titles and increase in the number of volumes of existing titles.
  •     Steps to be taken to make library more user-friendly.
  •     Evaluation of the library usage.
  •     Library services and usage Feedback from members (students and faculty)
  •     Procurement of all semester books for all branches.
  •     Identification and procurement of Department wise available journals as per AICTE.
  •     Discussion on Online journals, NPTEL video lectures.
  •     Manages data base of books, journals, instructional resources
  •     Manage digital library resources
  •     Conducts annual audit of Library
  •     Conducts meetings with librarian, HoDs to recommend new purchases as per changing academic regulations
RTI Cell
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Dr G.Vijay KumarPrincipalAppellate Authority
2Mr D.Buma PrasadAdminPIO
3Mrs Ch.SrivaniH&BSAPIO

Functions of RTI Cell:

  •     It is felt by all right thinking people that many of the injustices, misconceptions can be cleared if there is access to the information of any Office / Organization to all. With this noble idea RTI act is enacted and all organizations having public relations are to create a structure to provide information sought by anyone. It is to make the administration transparent this RTI emerged.
IQAC Committee
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Dr G Vijay KumarPrincipalChairperson
2Dr R.Siva KumarHOD-ECEConvener
3Dr G.Sambasiva RaoHOD-CSEMember
4Dr R.BalamuruganHOD-CEMember
5Dr Y.PrakashHOD-EEEMember
6Dr V.VenkateswarluHOD-MEMember
7Dr VJ Deva RaajHOD-H&BSMember
8Mr K.Ramasesha RaoI/C Exams CellMember
11Mrs B.N.NancharammaECEMember
12Mr G.Rajendra ECEMember
13Ms M.TejaswiCEMember
14Mr G.B.Rajendra PrasadEEEMember
15Mr KVJP NarayanaMEMember
16Ms K.RajamaniH&BSMember
17Joint SecretaryMember
18Industry- CEO- Devmen ITMember
19 L&T, CE AlumnusMember
20Mr KPP KumarECE AlumnusMember
21Mr MPS SantoshTECH Mahendra, CSE Alumni- Member

Functions of IQAC Committee:

  •     Development of Quality benchmark / parameters for various academic and administrative activities of the institute.
  •     Organization of workshops, seminars and quality related themes.
  •     Documentation of various programmes / activities leading to quality improvement.
  •     Conducting Internal Quality Audits periodically to verify the effectiveness of measures taken in reaching the quality parameters.
  •     Efforts are taken to provide career opportunities to all the students.
  •     Preparation of Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) at regular basis.
  •     Good relationship with industries and Society.
  •     Appointing experienced and expert faculty.
  •     To upgrade the knowledge of the faculty.
  •     To initiate innovative practices in different areas of academic, co-curricular, research and extension activities. It provides efficient and progressive performance of academic tasks.
  •     Strengthen scholarly research and creative achievements in students and faculty.
  •     Facilitating the creation of student centric learning environment.
  •     Conduct meetings with all the members and develops quality benchmarks.
Cultural Committee
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Sri B Kalyan KumarAcademics (I/C)Chairman
2Ms GNV SravanthiH&SConvenor
3Mrs Z.SpandanaH&SMember
5Ms N.KiranmaiMECHMember
6Mr P.Sunil KumarCSEMember
7Ms Ch.AnushaCEMember
8Mr V.Rekha DeviEEEMember

Functions of Cultural Committee:

  •     To prepare the annual budget for various cultural events.
  •     To obtain formal permission from College authorities to arrange programmes.
  •     Plan, propose and organize vents like Essay writing, Elocution, Debate, Quiz, Extempore, Painting, Photography, Dance, Singing and many other events at regular intervals and various student festivals.
  •     Responsible for all intra and inter collegiate cultural events in the College.
  •     To inform members of staff and students about the events.
  •     To arrange the venue and logistics.
  •     To arrange mementos for guests and gifts and certificates for the participants.
  •     To decide date, time and agenda of the programme
  •     To promote and arrange extracurricular activities to bring out the talent of the students in the performing arts
Alumni Committee
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Dr. G Vijay KumarProfessor & Principal, CSEPresident
2Mr. T Mothilal (Alumni-2008 Batch)CSEVice-President
3Ms. Nainatara (Alumni-2008 Batch)ECEGeneral Secretary
4Mr. P N Trinadh (Alumni-2011 Batch)ECEJoint secretary
5Mr. B Kalyan Kumar Academics (I/C)Treasurer
6Mr. Tarun SaiCSEExecutive Member
7Mr. YekushavaliEEEExecutive Member
8Ms. G Manjusha (Alumni-2015 Batch)---Executive Member

Functions of Alumni Committee:

  •     ACEEC Alumni Association was founded on 3rdAugust 2013. The College proposes at connecting alumni, giving them a platform to interact and regroup.
  •     Developing and maintaining a strong alumni association programme is essential for the growth and progress of an institution.
  •     Maintain a strong network of alumni by inviting them to share their progress from time to time and keep the information updated at all times.
Industry Institute Interaction Committee (IIIC)
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Sri B Kalyan KumarAcademics (I/C)Chairman
2Mr Abdul AzeezECEConvenor
3Dr V.VenkateswarluHOD-MECHMember
4Mr K.Ramasesha RaoI/c ExamsMember
5Ms JRL SirishaH&SMember
6Mr S.Samul PaulEEEMember
7Mrs M.KesaviCSEMember
8Mrs ANMV SrivalliCSEMember
9Mr M.VenkateshCEMember

Functions of Industry Institute Interaction Committee (IIIC):

  •     To ensure the employability and employment of the students as per their knowledge and skills gained within the tenure of their graduation.
  •     To execute Pre-Placement training programs and other industry expected skill based training programs with academic monitoring committee.
  •     To prepare and finalize the list of prospective employers and deciding the action plans to convenience them to choose this institution as their preferred destination.
  •     To work with Placement Departments of other Institutions to organize off campus and pool campus drives.
  •     To frame the strategies to maintain a good rapport with prospective as well as existing Industry employers through maintaining feedback system and resort to or recommend necessary changes to other apex committees of the institution.
  •     To maintain a strong relationship with alumni and get valuable feedback from them and pass on to the concerned apex committees for effective changes.
  •     To organize entrepreneurship seminars and start-up shows to boost up self employability.
  •     To recommend and initiate liaison with industries for facilitating student internship programs.
  •     Supplement the teaching learning process.
  •     Help the industrial community to solve technical problems.
  •     Periodical meetings (once in a year) with Industrial Advisory Board
  •     Organizing guest lecturers from Industry experts.
  •     Organize industrial visits and tours.
  •     Signing MoU with industries for exchange of expertise between the two parties.
Website Committee
SNOFaculty NameDepartmentDesignation
1Dr G Vijay KumarPrincipalChairman
2Mr T.MothilalCSEConvener
3Mr D.Sudhir kumarCEMember
4Mr A.Dileep KumarEEEMember
5Mr M.Sai Santosh KumarMECHMember
6Mr KPP KumarECEMember
7Mrs K.Sree SatyaCSEMember
8Mr K.DasaradhiH&SMember

Functions of Website Committee:

  •     To keep the information up-to-date on the college website
  •     To liaison with all the departments and functional units for uploading correct information
  •     To schedule regular and periodical maintenance of the website
  •     Ensure healthy functionality of the website
  •     Bring to the immediate notice of the chairman for any discrepancy in information.