Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of engineering and incorporates the design and construction of roads, airports, tunnels, bridges, water supply and sewage systems, dams harbours, rail road systems, docks, power supply systems, buildings and power plants etc., Civil engineers work as construction engineers, transportation engineers, geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, public work engineers in different public and private sectors.

Civil engineering is one of the major branches building the world’s infrastructure. They design and supervise the construction that deals with the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and research of fixed structures such as buildings, highways, bridges, railroads, tunnels, dams, airports etc. Civil Engineers must consider factors in the design process, from the construction costs and expected lifetime of a project to government regulations and potential environmental hazards such as earthquakes and hurricanes.


Civil engineers have many opportunities to hold supervisory or administrative positions, from supervisor of a construction site to Project engineer to lead a team of Young Engineers. Other career opportunities for civil engineers include design, construction, research and teaching.

Department Profile

The Department of civil Engineering has been established in the year 2011 offers a fulltime four years B.Tech degree program in Civil Engineering. It has well equipped laboratories such as Strength of materials, Surveying field work, Engineering geology, Fluid mechanics and Hydraulic machinery, Geotechnical engineering, Transportation engineering , Concrete technology, Environmental Engineering, Auto cad lab and an excellent library. It has experienced and highly qualified faculty members to impart knowledge in the areas of construction companies.

Courses Offered

1 Diploma 3 years Diploma in Civil Engineering
2 B.Tech 4 years Civil Engineering


List of Teaching Staff
S.No Name of the Faculty DesignationQualification Profile
1 Dr. R.Balamuragan ProfessorM.Tech, Ph.D
2 Dr. Adaikkala Kumar P ProfessorM.Tech, Ph.D
3 Dr. T N Jayaram ProfessorM.Tech, Ph.D
4 Ch Anusha Assistant ProfessorM.TechView Profile
5 G S Pavan Kumar Assistant ProfessorM.Tech
6 M Tejaswi Assistant ProfessorM.TechView Profile
7 M Venkatesh Assistant ProfessorM.TechView Profile
8 K Rama sesha Rao HOD, Assistant ProfessorM.TechView Profile
9 M Mallikarjuna Assistant ProfessorM.TechView Profile
10 J Divya Kranthi Assistant ProfessorM.TechView Profile
11 P Roja Rani Assistant ProfessorM.TechView Profile
12 M Harika Sai Bhargavi Assistant ProfessorM.Tech
13 K N S Sai Vani Assistant ProfessorM.Tech
14 M Veera Pandu Assistant ProfessorM.Tech
15 M Swathi Assistant ProfessorM.Tech
16 K Vasantha Rao Assistant ProfessorM.Tech
17 B Naga Gowthami Assistant ProfessorM.Tech
17 D Sudheer Kumar Assistant ProfessorM.TechView Profile


1. Strength of Materials
2. Geo-Technical Engineering
3. Concrete Technology
4. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Machinery
5. Surveying
6. Environmental Engineering
7. Computational Lab(CAD&STAAD)
8. Transportation Engineering
9. Engineering Geology
10.Remote Sensing And Geographical Information Systems